March 31st, 2021


A divorced, small town, hardware store owner, and the man most people considered a gentleman that was me. A slip up in my strict routine would send the town gossips into a frenzy. Yet I'd grown up in that town and everyone knew everyone. No secrets were safe, but I carried one that would send my world into chaos if I let it. I was falling for a town transplant and one of my best friends, Sugar. He was everything I wasn't, spontaneous, fun, and knew exactly who he was. What would he see in a boring man like me?

Sugar (Shug)

I was that fat, nonbinary person who hadn't known the inside of the closet in my life. With a mom like mine I was taught to never live with regrets, but I had a massive one. I fell in love with my straight and gentlemanly best friend. Grey was everything I wasn't. He was clueless but our shared friend group wasn't, how long could they stay silent in a town as small as ours?



May 4th, 2020

Alexis Bright lived a life without regret or shame. Since her husband had left her when her kids were young, it had been just her and them. It was her job to shape them into women who wouldn’t accept less than absolute respect and what they deserved. A chance meeting, a one-night-stand, and she found something she hadn’t known she was looking for. Could freedom be found in being owned and claimed? Alexis was all for finding out.

This Title contains scenes that some readers may find objectionable. Such as spankings, Daddy Kink, and a snarky fuckfest.

Little-Love-Vers-Three-Siobhan. A tall woman in a suit and glasses, standing in front of a woman in


November 12th, 2019

When the perfect little stumbles into your life, what are you to do?

Lindy Rubin performed every task per her strict routine. She was speeding towards forty and becoming bored with her orderly life. When she began to assess the emptiness of her personal life, she hadn't expected the surprise destined to arrive. Was it fate that brought her a beautiful girl with teary, azure eyes to her doorstep? If so, who was she to deny her Little Love help in her moment of need?

Author's Note: This Lesbian Romance contains elements of Age Play and Domestic Discipline (D/s), if those are subjects you find objectionable please don't read.